Office Remedies Inc. workers fighting for Justice on the Job!

Why would the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an agency of the Department of Labor, hire a contracting company that is using anti-labor law firms to attack their employees?

We are 81 Data Collection personnel who work for Office Remedies Inc. (ORI). We are Service Contract workers collecting data for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ORI is a contractor to the BLS. Last year, we had an organizing drive and our two units overwhelmingly voted yes for Union representation with the International Association of Machinists.

During our organizing drive, ORI hired the infamous union-busting firm of Jackson Lewis and ran a nasty anti-union campaign against us. The Union filed labor board charges, and the Board told us they were serious and substantive charges at the time. The company bragged to us they had never lost an organizing drive. The workforce is primarily women, and we felt the company used intimidation tactics in order to fight the union drive.

After the vote, the company indicated they wanted to reach a collective bargaining agreement, so, as a show of good faith, we dropped the charges.

Five of us in the shop are on the Union Bargaining Committee. The law firm runs the negotiations for the company, and refuses to meet during the week to negotiate, and demands we negotiate after hours or on weekends. This is very difficult, since many of us are working mothers and fathers who have children to care for. Of course, our Union would pay the lost time, but the company refuses.

Now the company refuses to negotiate for any kind of wage increases. To get a small wage increase, the company demands we give back vacation time to pay for it.

The lawyers are playing by the union-busting handbook, trying to run out the clock and break our union. They are no longer bargaining in good faith, and we once again have Labor Board charges filed in the case.

We are proud of the work we do, we work hard and are good at our jobs. We voted for a Union because of unfair treatment at work, as well as wanting to bargain for better wages and benefits.

Updated: July 13, 2016 — 6:50 pm

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